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Tällä hetkellä meillä on pidentyneet toimitusajat.

DIY- Make a wreath!

Posted: 2021-11-22 08:00:00
Categories: Uteliv och Odla, DIY, Jul

DIY- Make a wreath!

Make a wreath in 5 minutes!

Sometimes it’s OK to use shortcuts! We are not judging, whatever works for you is just fine! We used artificial plants and cut them into smaller pieces. This way the wreath can be used for many years and will withstand the weather.

If you prefer to use real plants there are endless combinations you can make using twigs, branches, fir, leaves and much more. You could also use a nice ribbon to tie the wreath or put Christmas ornaments on it, then it might be better to keep it inside where it won’t get wet.

Our metal decoration rings are available in two sizes and they have a small loop at the top so they are easy to hang. 

You will need:

Metal decoration ring

Floral wire

A good pair of scissors or a wire cutter

Evergreen plants or other material you prefer

Decoration items (like pine cones or Christmas ornaments)

Something to hang the wreath with


Start off by cutting your plats into smaller pieces. Cluster them into bunches and attach them to the base of the wreath (the metal ring) with wire. 

The wreath is done when you feel pleased. You either fill the whole ring or leave a part undone for a graceful look.

For this wreath we mixed artificial sprigs of lark with natural pine cones.

We hope to have inspired you into crafting your own wreath! Please tag us @Granit #Granitway on social media with images of your wreaths that you have made with material from Granit. 


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