Tällä hetkellä asiakaspalvelumme vastausajat on pidennetty, asiakaspalvelijamme tekevät kaikkensa, että saat nopeasti vastauksen.

Tällä hetkellä meillä on pidentyneet toimitusajat.

GRANIT & Pelastakaa Lapset

With your help, we can save more children's lives together. By purchasing products from our joint project, you are investing in the future. 10% of all sales of these products go to Save the Children.




Just nu kan du även bidra genom att skänka en gåva i samband med att du handlar hos oss. Beloppet som du väljer går oavkortat till Rädda Barnen. Din gåva gör skillnad. 
Tack för att du är med och hjälper!


Eco-friendly phone case made from plants

In collaboration with A Good Company, we offer a mobile cover that is not only durable, stylish and environmentally friendly.

It is also sustainably produced and 100% compostable!
By making use of residual waste from organically grown linseed plants and producing pellets that are then shaped into mobile phone shells, you get a sustainable alternative to plastic. Good for the environment, good for our children and their future.


A pen made from recycled electronic parts

The ballpoint pen Epoca RP from Ballograf is a design classic with roots from the 1960s. In this modern vintage, the material is recycled from discarded electronic parts such as computers and keyboards.

The pen has a light-resistant ink and the cartridge can eventually be replaced. Circular, sustainable and environmentally friendly!


Environmentally friendly notebooks

Discover our notebooks in several variations with a focus on the environment and long-term sustainability. The paper is FSC-labelled and recycled material has been used in the production.

The books are available both as lined notepads and as sketchbooks with blank pages. The production and the end products have been awarded with several certifications and we are happy about our fine collaboration.

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