Boxes of Personality - we asked four women we like

We asked four women we like, to inspire us to their personal box.

We asked four women we like, to inspire us with their personal box. Selina, Linn, Peeta and Katerina have used our new stylish Display box to show how they like to present their personality.

Selina chose a few selected favorites from the bathroom to show her personality.

Linn used the box to facilitate the table setting and to collect the desk accessories.

Peeta uses them as dividers in a larger storage drawer under the bed to accomplish a clever and nice overview.

Catherine created a styled storage of things a modern working woman needs close at hand. 

Peeta @peetapeltola

Peeta runs the blog and the account @peetapeltola on Instagram while she works as a creative director at Bo LKV.

Her style is Scandinavian simplicity and she has used the display box as a divider in a bed storage box. A clever way to keep things organized in a larger storage compartment and at the same time have a full overview.

Linn @linnherbertsson

Linn Herbertsson is a woman with many talents. Besides the nice account @linnherbertsson on Instagram, she runs the blog and has also founded the company Organista which helps everyone who is a friend of order to organize their luggage more clever.

Linn has used our Display box in three different ways:

Candles & decoration

We always have candles at home, and instead of hide beautiful scented candles, candles and matches in a cupboard I think, instead show them off. Organize them nicely in a display box and let the box stand fronted. Then I also know exactly what I have and when I need to refill.

Table setting

My linen napkins are a favorite right now, and they are so beautiful in a transparent box. When we invite guests, I often make dinner seating with placement cards that I tie around napkins. So nice to store everything in the same place!

Office Supplies

I love to write, doodle and scrabble in our workroom when visiting our Summer house in the country side. I also tend to buy very nice notebooks, pens and other things that I do not like to hide. Instead, I want to make a beautiful display of my favorites and what is better for this and The Display box.

Selina @selina.lauck

Selina is based in Berlin and runs the blog One of her main sources of inspirations is craftsmanship and the unique products and the genuine knowledge that comes with it. On the blog she shares her everyday life, travel, interior design and other things that inspire her. Her Instagram account is @ selina.lauck.