Ravishing roots - dye with plant color!

A fun, creative and environmentally friendly way to take care of the season harvest is to dye textiles with plant colors.

- Start with plants and foods you know since before is coloring.

- You need 100 grams of plant parts to 100 grams of textile.

- Keep in mind that different materials take on the color differently.

- Select natural fiber textiles (such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp, linen).

- Heat the water together with your ingredients to maximaze the color from the plants. Put in the textiles when the bath cooled a little.

- Fix the color with vinegar.

Voila! Cool, environmentally friendly & personal!


What color will it be?

Pomegranate peel = green / lime
Turmeric = yellow
Stalk/greens from carrot = lime green
Walnut = dark brown
Red beetroot = red to purple
Peel from red onion = brown
Red cabbage  = Lavender

You need

- Stainless steel vessels.

- Spoon or stick to stir with.

- Textiles made of natural fibers.

- Apron and potholder.

- Measurements and scales to measure ingredients with.

- Strainer.

Ravishing roots - färga med växtfärg!

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