Crown Candle Stearin Grey

1,20 €

Candle of 100% stearin, labelled with thew Nordic Eco label. Does not contain palm oil. A smart environmental choice. A candle of stearin soots considerably less than other candles as it does not contain paraffin (i.e. oil) and when extinguished there is no afterglow or smoke.

  • Leveys 2 cm
  • Korkeus 28 cm
  • Pituus 2 cm
  • Burning time: 10 h
  • The light is bevelled at the bottom so it is easy to adapt to different candlesticks.
  • Tuotenro 374265
  • Trim the wick to a maximum of 1 cm before lighting. Do not place candles too close. Last person to leave the room, turn out the lights!


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