Acorn Holder Teracotta

9,90 €

A handmade holder for growing upp acorns or other kernel as for example an avocado kernel. Made in terracotta. Give yourself the opportunity to grow your own oak, avocado tree or other plant from a kernel. First you sprout the kernel in water, then use the holder to root the kernel before planting.

  • Leveys 9 cm
  • Korkeus 9 cm
  • Pituus 4 cm
  • Dimensions: Width 9 cm and depth 3.5 cm
  • Tuotenro 375381
  • 1. Pick an acorn, preferably with a sprout, and place the acorn in a bowl of water for a few days.
    2. Then take the acorn and put it in the small hole in the middle of the dish.
    3. Fill a whole glass with water and place the acorn in the center of the dish, in the hole, so that one end is touching the water surface in the glass.
    4. Then place it somewhere where there is plenty of light.
    5. After 2 to 6 weeks you should be able to see a plant!


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