Chocolate 30g 31% Granitologi

1,00 €

The craving for something sweet can occur now and then and whenever, not just during the Candy day; Saturday (in Sweden all small kids are allowed only to eat candy on Saturdays) . And then a piece of, or whole, of our Granitology chocolate is perfect to dampen the craving with. A 30 gram, thin and crispy milk chocolate cake packed in foil and paper with Granitology print on it.

The Granitolgi pattern is a game-play with our logotype where we broke up, put together, cut, cut again, filled in and joined the shapes and letters in a new way. A pattern that can continue forever.

Granitology chocolates also fit the times when it is someone else's sweet tooth that needs to be remedied, in other words, a perfect emergency food while on the go or a cute little go-away gift.

  • Leveys 6 cm
  • Korkeus 9 cm
  • Pituus 1 cm
  • Tuotenro 374806
  • Ingrediens: sucker (37%), cocoa butter (26,5%), skimmed milk (25,5%), cacao mass (6,5%), whole milk powder (2%), caramelized sugar (1,5%), Emulgator soy lecithin (<1%), spices (<1%), natural vanilla flavour (>1%). May contain traces of nuts and peanuts. Cacao content 31%. Made in France.


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