Cottage Core

Inviting and natural shades inspired by our surrounding nature calms and soothes. We look forward to autumn’s everyday moments in a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

Handwoven Wool Rug Urban Cottage. 

Rug Melange Wool, 170 x 240 cm. Available in several sizes.

”Swedish Röllakan is an old weaving technique performed on a traditional treadle loom with a warp of cotton or linen"



"Soft and natural textiles, bundles of pillar candles and fall flowers in nice glassware set the perfect autumn mood"

Mix and match colors and sizes! View all cushions here.

Community Deal! Buy 4 pay for 3. Discover all candles here.

”Natural shades provide a well balanced feeling, a perfect base for any home”

Soft organic cotton bedding. View all bed textiles here.

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