Box Round 2-p Graphite

17,90 €

Cylindric storage box made of recycled cardboard. A string in the lid helps to get hold of the lid smoothly. The boxes are sold in a pack of 2 where the two boxes are different sized and will be delivered one inside the other.

A cylindrical storage box provides a welcomed break in design in angular shelves together with traditionally shaped storage boxes.

  • Leveys 19 cm
  • Korkeus 20 cm
  • Pituus 19 cm
  • Recycled cardboard
  • Size: Large box - 19 cm diameter, 20.5 cm high
  • Size: Small box - 17 cm diameter 18.5 cm high
  • Sold in pack of 2 with one small and one large box
  • Tuotenro 375043


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