Setting the table for a party!

Posted: 2022-04-27 10:41:00

Setting the table for a party!

Get inspired!

Spring is here and so are all the festive occasions! Birthdays, exams, weddings and all sorts of graduations and parties. We are so looking forward to see each other without restrictions this year, everyone is welcome!

Set the table with Stig L.

You will find multiple news for table setting in our latest collaboration with Stig L. We have interpreted some of Stig Lindberg's (famous Swedish designer) patterns and reproduced them using typical Granit colors. The pattern of this beautiful half linen table cloth is called Poème d' Amour (Love poem in french) and its gorgeous green tone goes perfectly with jute details and clear glassware.

We styled the table with a table rack together with green artificial plants. Our simplistic hanging glass jars adds a cozy touch. The table is set with our rustic stoneware Bruno in cream white and we used jute placemats for a natural look. A simple eucalyptus twig on each plate enhances the overall feeling!


Tips & Tricks

A classic wine cooler will guarantee cold drinks.
Serve the first drink by a smaller table, perfect for mingel.

Prepare as much as possible in advance. A table prepped with empty vases is perfect if you predict your guests to bring you flowers.

Place a smaller table where your guests can leave empty glasses to ensure that glasses won't end up everywhere in the garden.

Simple and natural

By choosing a solid color table cloth and simplistic tableware mixed with toned down neutrals like rattan or jute you will create instant harmony.

Decorate with lime and rosemary.
Small clear vases gives an airy impression.

Setting the table with small vases allows the guests to have eye contact during dinner. You will not need as many flowers either, just one or two per vase will do the trick. 

Simplistic paper decorations fits the neutral theme.


Late night dinner party

Even if summer nights usually are bright, setting the table with string lights will create a magical ambiance! This is a place one wants to sit for a long time...

Decorate the drink with dried edible flowers.
Glass lanterns set the mood.

The table is set with a linen table cloth and we again used the table rack and decorated it with our popular string light with warm light sources. Make the seating area comfortable by adding a soft jute rug. For extra cosiness add plaids to keep warm after the sun has set.

Tips & Tricks

Our green hanging lanterns look great in a tree!
Soft jute rug for extra comfiness!


We hope to have inspired you into throwing some awsome spring and summer parties! Stay tuned, next post we will share some tips and inspiration for weddings and graduation parties!

/Your friends at GRANIT