DIY - Window decorations!

Posted: 2021-11-15 13:16:00
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DIY - Window decorations!

Instant Christmas spirit or crafting if you are short of time

Let´s be realistic, we are all short of time this time of the year. We have a great DIY tip for the whole family. It's super easy and the result is really nice! Don't you just love those kind of tips?


You need:

Our wrapping paper with Christmas trees

Our White pen

Scissors and some tape


Cut a piece of the wrapping paper to fit your window. Tape it to the back of your window. Trace the Christmas trees on the inside of the window using our designated white pen.

Undo the paper from the window and voilà, you now have a decorated window to enjoy!

Even easier:

Let the kids decorate their own windows using their own creatiuve designs. Then you can all enjoy their artwork until it's time to clean away the Christmas.

Our white pens are designated for glass and mirrors. They are easy to wipe off with a damp cloth. Shake the pen before using it the first time and press the tip against a paper a couple of times for the ink to flow to the tip. The pigmented ink is water based, light resistant and odorfree.

Good luck and have fun doodling together!


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