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Advent calendar - DIY

Posted: 2021-11-03 15:23:00
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Advent calendar - DIY

Create an Advent calendar in no time!

Crafting is all about having fun! At Granit you will find everything you need to create a nice and personal Advent calendar.

To make your own Advent calendar with 24 gifts is a tradition many families enjoy. Our best tip is to start crafting early and not to rush it. It is supposed to be fun, not to feel like a must or a burden.

To come up with creative ideas, to think of the gifts and of course to make it, is really half the fun! To greet the recipients anticipation each day will warm up your soul on a frosty winter morning.

24 gifts may sound like a lot

It doesn't have to be that complicated though! You set the standard and decide for yourself. The gifts could be a piece of candy, a pen, a movie ticket or a hand written note with a promise of a back rub. There are no rules. Let your creativity flow, both when it comes to the gifts and the crafting! 

At Granit you will find a lot of crafting and wrapping material. Nice wrapping paper, cool ribbons, tape and much more to inspire you!

We used a strip hook with 10 knobs. For numbers on the gifts we used a Dymo label maker. One could also write directly on the wrapping paper using a white pen for instance or attach address tags to each gift. Your imagination sets the limits! Finally we tied the gifts to the strip hook and decorated it with a small battery operated light string. Easy peasy!

We hope to have inspired you into making your very own Advent calendar. Please don't forget to tag us on social media @granit #granitway to share with others!