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Food storing in enamel

A serie of enamelled objects. Dishes/plates and containers/jars with lids.

Enamel dishes are a newly discovered, old favorite. We have launched a serie of enamelled dishes and cans with lids that make them perfect for food storing. And also perfect to bring with on the Spring and Summer's picnics and potlocks!

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Dips - Beetroot hummus, Carrot hummus and Peanutbutter dressing

Therese Elgquist's dips - Beetroot hummus, Carrot- and white bean cream with almond butter and Za’atar and Peanutbutter dressing

With a bunch of lovely dips and dressings at home, you can always tie together and spice up any meal. My tip is to always mix double batches when you are still running so you have for the whole week. Here, Therese Elgquist shares with us three of her favorite recipes; Beetroot hummus, carrot and white bean cream with almond butter and Za'atar and peanut dressing.

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In the green kitchen with Therese Elgquist

This spring we have collaborated with Therese Elgquist, a food creator in the green kitchen. Together, we have developed a new collection of genuine kitchen classics, three brand new super spices and a guide to how you can live and eat greener.

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