Dish Cloth Postcard Granitologi


Send someone you like a Granitology greeting with our dish cloth postcard. A biodegradable dish cloth (70% cellulose/30% cotton) with a nice Granitology pattern on one side. The cloth is colored with water-based paint and does not contain any germicidal material. Write a greeting on the supplied blank card, then insert the attached envelope and let the greeting meet the mailbox. 

A lovely greeting from Sweden.

The Granitolgi pattern is born out of a game-play with our logotype where we broke up, put together, cut, cut again, filled in and joined the shapes and letters in a new way. A pattern that can continue forever.

In stock
  • Width 22 cm
  • Height 18 cm
  • Biodegradable washcloth with Granitology pattern, with accompanying envelopes and 1st note sheet.
  • Printed/Colored with water-based paint
  • Material: 70% Cellulose and 30% Cotton
  • Dimensions Envelope: 21.5x18cm. Dimensions of washcloth: 17.2x20 cm
  • Certified OekoTex standard 100 16.0.80459 Hohenstein Htti
  • SKU 374741
  • To keep the cloth fresh longer it can be washed in a dishwasher (in the upper basket) or in a washing machine at 60°C (without rinse aid).


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