Dish Enamel With Lid Ø30cm


Perfect barrel in white enamel with lid to store everything from cold salads or hot food. Works to most things because it is ovenproof up to 250 °. Also available in several sizes!

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  • Width 30 cm
  • Height 5 cm
  • Length 30 cm
  • White enamel with lid
  • Ovenproof up to 250° Celsius
  • Do not microwave
  • Available in different sizes
  • SKU 374293
  • Ovenproof up to 250° Celsius. Machinewashable. Do not microwave. Handle gently - hits on the product might cause the surface to crack. Avoid using utensils or other metals with the dish as it may cause scratches on the surface. If the enamel gets cracks or small rusty spots, you can paint over it with varnish or preferably enamel paint. Be sure to use sandpaper first in order to make the surface smooth.


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