Berlin - Home Story @selina.lauck

Home story in Berlin with @selina.lauck

Who are you?

Hello my name is Selina Lauck, i am 29 years old and I live and work as a freelance interior stylist in Berlin. Next to my interest in interior, design and nature i am a big fan of organizing and keeping things as simple as possible.

Tell us more about your personal box

I use the boxes not only as ordinary storage but also for displaying my personal things. Organizing and storing things can also look nice in its own way. Placing single items in a harmonies way was my intention. I created a minimal storage which looks nice either way displayed in a room or stored in a cabinet.

What is your best storage tip?

I love invisible storage, for example built in cabinets where you can have smaller boxes inside.

What do you need most storage for, for example, do you collect something?

I try to collect as less as i can, but after years you own more than you really need. In my case there is one cabinet full of candleholders, vases and all these interior items that i don't want to have all over my apartment all the time. So I clean up quite often and the items I want to hide will find a place in some of the boxes.

Your apartment is very stylish. How do you manage to keep that nice order?

I am honest I love a tidy apartment. I can't relax if there are too many things around me. If you own less it automatically keeps your place clean and tidy.

What inspires you most right now?

Nature is my inspiration. There is nothing more inspiring and calming than having a walk in the forest or sitting in the garden and observe a daily natural phenomenon like plants or bugs.