Food storing in enamel

A serie of enamelled objects. Dishes/plates and containers/jars with lids.

Enamel dishes are a newly discovered, old favorite. Enamel is made of silicate that is then coated with a glass-based coating and then burned in the oven. This makes the surface resistant to both heat (ovenproof up to 250 degrees Celsius) and cold and also makes the material very durable. Through its dense and easy-to-clean surface, enamel is, among other things, a perfect material in the kitchen.

The enamel prevents the metall to rust but also makes beautiful items. If a crack occurs in an enamel object, you can paint over it with varnish or preferably enamel color. Remember to use sandpaper on the surface first to make it smooth.

We have launched a serie of enamelled dishes and cans with lids that make them perfect for food storing. Since enamelled objects are relatively light compared to, for example glass jars, they are also perfect to bring with on the picnic or to the potlock. Make the cherry pie right down the enamelled plate, pull on the lid and head to the picnic!