1. How to use an oil lamp

    How to use an oil lamp

    Nothing sets the mood like candles, right? Oil lamps are a nice alternative, or complement, to the classic candles. You may not think there's much to learn about filling and using an oil lamp, but there are some tips and tricks to make the job easy. 

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  2. A perfect symbiosis between art and function!

    A perfect symbiosis between art and function!

    Elin Krönström has, with her characteristic minimalist style, created a unique calendar for us with illustrations of the shapes of the female body and wants to embrace the natural in nudity.

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  3. Calmness with Magnus Fridh

    Calmness with Magnus Fridh

    “Make your home calmer and more harmonious. Furnish with presence and mindfulness.” This autumn, we share six useful tips for a calm and harmonious home that gives you a peaceful mind, by author and mindfulness coach Magnus Fridh.

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  4. Thread count - what is it

    Thread count - what is it

    Our bedding is made in several different qualities with the common denominator that the textiles used are made from organic cotton. What sets them apart is the way they are woven and the thread count of the fabric. 

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  5. Sustainability the #granitway

    Sustainability the #granitway

    Sustainability is deeply rooted in our philosophy and since the beginning in 1997 we have worked to be long-term and timeless. The ambition of our assortment is that it must be both sustainable from a quality perspective as well as from a trend perspective.

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  6. Berlin - Home Story @selina.lauck

    Berlin  - Home Story @selina.lauck

    Selina shows us her home and best storage tips. "Next to my interest in interior, design and nature I am a big fan of organizing and keeping things as simple as possible."

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  7. Organic paint in Muted tones

    Organic paint in Muted tones

    The colour scale in the textile collection "Muted tones" is inspired by nature with the aim of providing peace and harmony to our rooms. Based on that colour scale, GRANIT, in collaboration with the Swedish store Byggfabriken has produced five organic Auro colours.

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  8. Boxes of Personality - we asked four women we like

    Boxes of Personality - we asked four women we like

    We asked four women we like, to inspire us with their personal box. Selina, Linn, Peeta and Katerina have used our new stylish Display box to show how they like to present their personality.

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  9. Large deck or terrace

    Large deck or terrace

    When your outdoor space is of the larger kind, it could be advantageous to divide it into sections. Plan your terrace in the same way as you would plan a room indoors. You might want a dining area in one part adjacent to serving areas and a barbecue area for outdoor cooking.

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  10. Medium-sized outdoor space

    Medium-sized outdoor space

    If your balcony is of the larger kind, you’ll probably have space for more furniture. Maybe even matching chairs and sofa or why not sun loungers. Use trellises or folding screens to create a cosy feel and privacy.

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