Candle 7x10cm White


Block candle made of 100% stearin, labeled with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and free from palm oil. Nice on it's own or paired up with block lights of different sizes or colours. Burn time approximately 33 hrs. Wick should be no longer than 1 cm. Do not place block candles closer than 10 cm from each other.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Nordic Ecolabel since 1989. It is there to help consumers choose environmentally-sound products. Read more at 

Stearin is a natural product produced of fat from plants or animals. A stearin candle will not be crooked when exposed to high temperatures, such as sun light and heat. Stearin candles soot significantly less than other candles since they do not contain paraffin (i.e. oil). When you blow out the candles there are no after-glow or smoke.

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  • Width 7 cm
  • Height 10 cm
  • Length 7 cm
  • SKU 372676


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