Granit Care Criteria

In order to clarify the different criteria we have set as a basis for our thoughtful products, we have made an overview. This could from a certification of a product to a requirement that is equivalent to a certified product - or, for example, a criteria for which there’s currently no certification for the specific product.

Recycled material – Materials that have been recycled to become a new product, such as recycled glass and plastic, or re-used car tires that have become baskets. When recycling material, it is often necessary to mix in a small amount of virgin material to achieve the desired quality.

Biodegradable – We don’t consider it to be enough that a material in itself is biodegradable (like wood), since all organic materials return to nature in the end. We demand that the product stand out compared to other similar products - such as our coffee pods, which is a biodegradable product, when most coffee pods are not.

Chrome free leather – The most common tanning method today uses chrome. It's really not nice to the environment and it is unhealthy to those who work in tanning. Part of the chrome remains in the product and can cause allergies, as chromium is allergenic, so it’s also not nice to the wearer of the product. Chrome free tanning takes more time, but the process is much friendlier to all involved. It's worth it!

Mulesing-free – Mulesing is a painful method used to prevent so called fly strikes in sheep. Fortunately, there are other methods that are not as painful. We choose methods which don’t hurt.

FSC® is a certification that is for environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable use of the world's forests.

The Swan is based on the same system and the requirements are similar to that of the European EU Ecolabel (former EU flower). Different product groups have different requirements to live up to, but the essence is that the product is healthy and friendly to the environment throughout its’ life cycle. In addition, the product meets high quality standards.

A KRAV-labeled product is organic and more. Organic means that no chemical pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified plants or animals have been used. KRAV has also more far-reaching rules on animal welfare, climate and social considerations than the common eco-label.

Organic production – A product can be organic without anyone having certified it. If we know that more than 50% of the content of the product is organic, we would like to tell you. Oftentimes, small-scale producers that we work with have difficulty financing an external label when they have such small production.

NaTrue means that the product is based on organic and natural ingredients. The raw materials come from nature, not from a lab, but have grown naturally with natural plant protection methods. Just as it should be!

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a certification that demands and evaluates both social, environmental and chemical criteria. This makes GOTS a real super-label!

OEKO-TEX® sets requirements for chemical levels in the final product. There are different requirements depending on whether the material is intended for children's clothes or for home textiles. The starting point is that all products must comply with high standards and be healthy for the user and that has also a positive impact on the environment and the producers.

Granit Friend supplier is a supplier whom we are particularly proud to cooperate with. In order to assess that someone is a Friend supplier, the supplier must live up to at least four of the six criteria we have set up. The criteria include small scale craft with local anchorage and the supplier giving back to the local community.