Granit Care Categories

The best way for us to make a real difference is to make sure our products are as caring as possible. Caring about the people and caring about nature. A product can become a Granit Care-product in many ways, but the requirement is that they must fit into at least one of the categories below:

Recycled material

At least 50 percent of the product shall consist of recycled material. Many products in this category are entirely made of recycled material, but some recycled materials need to be mixed up with virgin material to assure good quality.

Animal & Environmentally friendly

Our production should make as little impact as possible on the environment and to animals. An example is products which come from sheep who haven’t gone through mulesing, or wood and cotton products grown with extra environmental considerations.
Examples of criteria: KRAV, Swan, FSC®, GOTS, Mulesing-free

Health- & Chemical-smart

There’s an ongoing work on phasing out unhealthy chemicals through REACH, the EU Regulation of chemicals, but in some cases we want to go even further. Especially when it comes to goods we have close to the body, such as skin care and textiles. But even in areas where we simply think too hazardous chemicals are being used - as in leather production, where we only use chrome free tanned leather. It becomes more healthy for the user - and, of course, affects both the environment and people in the production phase positively!
Examples of criteria: OEKO-TEX®, NaTrue & GOTS

Socially responsible supplier

At Granit we have always supported and chosen to highlight small-scale, artisanal production with local connection. Many of our suppliers have such small production that it would not be economically viable for them to have an external audit. To support them, we have developed our own regulatory framework for assessment. Of course, those who have Fair Trade certificate in this category are also included!
Examples of criteria: Fair Trade, Granit friend supplier