Granit Care

Ever since the start, we have strived to be considerate and to apply a long-term vision on everything we do. Those are keywords that reflect everything we do; from our choice of shop interiors to the products we sell in our stores. Now we want to take our first steps towards becoming a part of a circular economy. We have reviewed our environmental impact internally, but we realize that it’s through our products we have the greatest opportunity to make an impact. That's why we have introduced Granit Care: our own label for products which are a better choice for the environment, for people or for animals at the production stage – or for you as a customer.

We don’t have all the answers yet, but we know where we are going and we do our best to to make a better choice every day. We hope you want to follow us on our journey!

Our Strategy

Becoming a part of a circular economy gives us a direction and a goal to strive towards. But how can we achieve that when we have so many different products? We need to start by including a life cycle perspective to the product development phase: from the scope of usage, choice of material – to recycling or waste sorting. We are members of Cradlenet, a network that works to promote circular economy in Sweden. In addition, we participate in several research projects in collaboration with Cradlenet, Swerea IVF and Re: Source, which in various ways highlight different aspects of circularity.

Our Environmental Approach

We do have an environmental policy, sort our waste and buy organic, Fair Trade-certified coffee. But we also know that our biggest environmental impact is in production and transports. Therefore, we work actively to find more and more suppliers in Sweden and Europe in order to shorten the transportations and reduce our environmental impact. As of today, 39.6 % of our production is in Europe, and Sweden is our fourth largest producing country by 6.6 %*. These are pretty good numbers for our type of products, but we strive to improve them even more in the future.

It is also important that our products are manufactured in a manner that is as fair and friendly as possible to the environment. Therefore, for example, all of our leather products are chrome free-tanned. We have organic and KRAV-certified products, and our largest fabric supplier has a closed water purification system and works according to the Stockholm Textile Water Initiatives (STWI) criteria to reduce water consumption in its production.

* * Based on the annual purchase value for 2017

Supplier chain & Social Responsibility

We are members of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and we work long term in order for the people who work in our production to get better and better working conditions. Ethical Trading Initiative is a committed partnership between industry, trade unions, organizations and government agencies - which supports, guides and monitors our work as a purchasing organisation.

During the past year, some of our suppliers in Asia have received a training through QuizRR regarding employee rights and how to arrange a workers’ organisation at the factory. It is important for us to reach out and to be able to offer training directly to those who need this kind of knowledge the most.

As an additional step towards social responsibility, we support women's education through Solar Sahelis, an initiative where women in poor rural areas in Rajasthan, India are trained to sell solar lamps to the nearby villages. They get an income, which gives a stronger position in family and society - and most importantly, they can give their children education.

Granit Care-products

Our biggest challenge and opportunity is in our products. By constantly developing even more friendly and caring products, we can really make a difference!

In order to help you as a customer to make a more conscious choice when shopping in our stores, we have developed our own label, Granit Care. You recognize it through the heart symbol. With that we want to highlight our extra caring products. The Granit Care-products may have different benefits, but they all have one thing in common: They have more caring qualities than other similar products on the market!

We have four categories for the Care-products, but a product can be included in more than one category:
- Recycled
- Environment & Animal Friendly
- Health- & Chemical-smart
- Socially Responsible Supplier

We have specific criteria for our Granit Care-label. At least 50 percent of the product shall meet the requirement, but depending on type of product – it is quite common that the complete product lives up to our caring-criteria!

To us, a Granit Care-product means an attempt to make the world a bit better.