Cube Modulär Birch

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Our cube module in birch plywood is the perfect storage furniture that is flexible and expandable! Max 2 pcs stacked on top of each other. As it's also water-waxed and moisture-resistant, it's perfect for all the rooms in the home. In the hallway, the bathroom, the playroom, the bedroom, the living room. It is your creativity that sets the limits! Combine with our "Cube Module Step" below for extension.

Auf Lager
  • Breite 40 cm
  • Höhe 45 cm
  • Länge 40 cm
  • Cube module in birch plywood
  • Moisture resistant
  • Water waxed
  • Easy to combine and extendable
  • Artikelnummer 374443
  • To consider when mounting:
    - Insert a little more than half the wooden plug into the shelf before mounting on the side panel. Otherwise, the plug risks getting through on the other side.
    - Be sure to use the correct chisel insert that fits with the screws provided. If you use the wrong one, you do not get the right grip and the screw head risks breaking.
    - Mount the module carefully.


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