Memo Roll Holder Graphite

6,90 €

Write down and tear off! Holder for Memo/To do roll. The holder is made of laminated cardboard in Europe. Memo roll is perfect for all kinds of lists, purchase lists, to-do lists, invitation list or just for small messages like "I really like you!". Put the holder on the wall, the front door or other conspicuous place, write down and tear off! 

Memo rolls for refill are available for purchase.

The holder is riveted by hand for increased durability. Made of recycled fiber cardboard. Laminated cardboard made up of several layers glued together solid board with an outer layer of e.g., durable paper or PE-coated paper. Laminated cardboard is highly resistant to moisture and is puncture and tear-resistant.

Auf Lager
  • Breite 11 cm
  • Höhe 28 cm
  • Länge 6 cm
  • Artikelnummer 300711


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