Paper, jute, linen, straw, glass and cast iron invite you to Christmas in the new old style. We wrap the gifts in plain wrapping paper and decorate them personally with beautiful ribbons and details from nature.

Discover our Christmas decorations in harmonious colors and natural materials.

Strings of light and smart LED lights create a magical atmosphere.


You haven't missed our Christmas gift suggestions, have you? Here you will find new favorites for the whole family and all your friends, easily divided into different price ranges, there is something for everyone!

Here you will find plain wrapping paper, stylish ribbons, fine strings and much more!

A classic, versatile jute sack that can be used long after Christmas is over.

With care, warmth and harmony we create an inviting and personal Christmas. Gathering, spending time together and creativity are just around the corner.

Member deal! All wrapping paper, buy 3 and pay for 2!

Browse our selection of Christmas decorations and let yourself be inspired!

Create the most magical lighting using Low Energy lamps.

Check out our traditional Santa's jute sack!

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