SHE ART COLLECTION - A Limited edition of photographs that celebrates the woman

SHE ART COLLECTION for Granit: Emma Svensson - Patricia Reyes - Emilia Bergmark Jiménez

GRANIT launches limited edition photographs that pay tribute to the woman.

September 27 is the launch of SHE ART; a collection of limited-edition photographs that pay tribute to the woman. SHE ART has included nine unique motifs that pay tribute to women's creativity and diversity. The motifs are taken by three inspiring and contemporary photographers; Emma SvenssonEmilia Bergmark Jiménez and Patricia Reyes

The nine unique motifs are launched in a limited edition and are available for sale in GRANIT’s stores and online starting September 27, 2019.

» I myself lacked photo art where the woman interprets the woman. Often we have to look at the woman through and the man’s camera lens. SHE ART is a photo art project that celebrates women’s creativity and diversity. With SHE ART, we have given great artistic freedom to each of the photographers. «

Eva-Lena Degerhäll, Creative Director at GRANIT.

Photographer Emma Svensson has curated the versatile collection that shows a visual width with a strong monochrome photographer, beautiful undulating motifs and colorful dreamy works. All prints are printed in Sweden on 100% Nordic Ecolabelled paper and come in three sizes and with prices from 250 to 500 SEK.

Emma Svensson @emmasvenssonphoto

Emma Svensson is a versatile photographer and alpine climber who is passionate about a more equal and fair world. 

» I have produced three originals for this purpose where the focus has been on the woman’s body and the right to her own freedom. Something that is not always obvious. These pictures represent to me strong women who can be just the way they want, on their own terms. «

Emma's motifs

  • Water - 70x100 och 40x30 cm
  • Wind 70x50 cm
  • Fire 70x100 och 30x40 cm

Patricia Reyes @patriciareyesofficial

Patricia Reyes was born in Caracas by a Venezuelan mother and Swedish father and currently lives in Stockholm. Her photography is based on the curiosity of the subject in front of the camera and wants to show unconventional beauty.

Guerrera (2019)

I see you clearly through my shawl

You can only see the outlines of my features

You will never be able to tell if I laugh or cry

Untitled (2019)

Immersed in pink water and white flowers

Once in a while I let go of my head

and hold your breath until your lungs explode

Blind Me With Flowers (2019)

Delete all the sorrows and lies, all I bring are flowers to my eyes

Patricia's motifs

  • Guerrera - 30x40 cm
  • Untitled - 30x40 cm
  • Blind Me With Flowers - 50x70 cm

Emilia Bergmark Jiménez @emiliavicenta

Emilia Bergmark Jiménez was born in 1982 in Stockholm with roots from both Sweden and Venezuela. She is a photographer and feminist with a great passion for analogue photography and animals.

» My comic series is called Saga and Lova in the partrapets. I wish I was them. Or maybe I was them. One time long ago. Before I gave in to my fears and let others dictate the terms of my space. With their strong arms they give me air. With their hands gripping each other, with their strong legs, with the imagination with which they move, they give me air. When Saga throws and catches and Lova flies in the air, it feels like my lungs are filling. And that they also lift me to dictate what my body is for. «

Emilia's motifs

  • Saga - 40x30 cm                                                                                               
  • Lova - 50x70 cm                                                       
  • Flyer & Catcher - 30x40 cm