How to use an oil lamp

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Nothing sets the mood like candles, right? Oil lamps are a nice alternative, or complement, to the classic candles. You may not think there's much to learn about filling and using an oil lamp, but there are some tips and tricks to make the job easy. 

For oil lamps and lanterns; clear lamp oil is the best option because it's designed for indoor oil lamps and isn't highly combustible. You'll find the lamp oil it for sale in lighting store or in well assorted grocery stores.

When filling the oil lamp it should be extinguished and cold. Fill it with the help of a small spout or funnel to avoid spilling and remember to never fill the tank more than 3/4 parts to not risk the oil overflowing when it gets hot.

In case the oil slips its way outside the lamp make sure to clean properly. Keep open flames and sparks away from the area until the lamp oil is completely removed.

Pets and children should of course stay away from the area until you have cleaned properly.

Also, keep in mind that some types of lamp oil are dangerous to consume so keep both lamps and oil away from your miniatures.

Oil lamp of glass picture by @carolinebejfalk

Before your light the lamp, there are two things to keep in mind.

  • Adjust the wick to a height of about 2-3 mm, to avoid the oil lamp to soot. If it does, the wick must be shortened.
  • The wick must also be moistened with oil before lighting. 10-15 minutes of soaking should do the job. 

Time to enjoy your oil lamp! One last reminder, never leave burning candles unattended.

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