A perfect symbiosis between art and function!

Elin Krönström in the process of creating for the calendar collaboration with Granit.

Elin Krönström (b. Karlstad, Värmland) is an Swedish artist and shoe designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Elin is making drawings of the shapes of the female body and wants to embrace the natural in nudity. Her illustrations are more about expressing feelings and describe life rather than posing. The illustrations are mostly based on life drawing sessions, her own feelings or friends just hanging out. The nearly Klein blue color and minimalism have become signums and the challenge is to find the perfect shapes and express as much as possible - with as little lines as possible.

The calandar

The calendar contains 12 unique illustrations (created for Granit) and the calendar itself is perforated at the bottom so when the month is over the calendar can be torn off and you have nice illustrations to frame. A perfect symbiosis between art and function!

Mid November

The calendar will arrive i our stores and online in mid November så keep your eyes out for more information.